Our strategy


The first part of our strategy is mission. Perhaps it seems a bit redundant. However, we are talking about a one-to-one idea of mission. God has created each and every individual uniquely and with that comes unique relationships. Our strategy is to encourage and empower each of Mercy Hill’s members to leverage their unique relationships and circumstances for the Gospel. God has placed each of us in those relationships so that we could faithfully bare witness to the Gospel. It is the idea that each of us have been called to do the work of an evangelist. It is through the missional lifestyle of each and every member that God will expand His Kingdom and grow Mercy Hill Church.


The natural progression after missions is Worship. The purpose of missions is to see a new soul saved and singing loudly the praises of Jesus. Thus, we want to provide a place for believers to do just that. We desire to see a lifestyle of worship and part of that lifestyle is worshiping alongside brothers and sisters in Christ. It is in corporate worship that believers, new and old, are encouraged, edified, and sent out. Due to this, a place to experience authentic worship is a necessary part of any Gospel strategy. Mercy Hill Church strives to provide that through our Sunday morning worship services. 


Community is crucial. Christianity is meant to be lived in community and when it isn’t all types of problems ensue. Thus through Mercy Hill Church’s missional communities we strive to provide loving community. In these missional communities, the Bible is studied, we strive together in prayer, we are held accountable, and true Christian fellowship is had. Furthermore these communities are, as their name suggest, sources of outreach into our neighborhoods. They are the launching pads of all types of ministry. 


We are called to make disciples. This is a part of our strategy because it is a clear command of Christ. Discipleship is the joyous process by which God uses His Church to train a new believer to be obedient to all that Christ has commanded. Furthermore, it is in discipleship that a new believer is loved by the Church,  saturated in the Word of God, held accountable to Christ’s commands, and Lord willing, grown into a disciple-maker themselves. This is why our strategy is circular, we believe that if discipleship is done correctly these discipled individuals will start the cycle anew.