Podcasts by Mercy Hill

Products of Grace is a podcast by Mercy Hill Church in Olive Branch, MS. Each episode is a mixed bag of theology, recipes, family, and life inside the Christian community.

“”” “So” what are we going to do today – Lawson” – Don” – Blake”

Season 2: We Podcast Even Harder

Road Trips and Sausage Beans
No Nonsense Podcase No Nonsense Students
Vittles and Common…..Grace?
Rick Warren Weighs In On Worship Which Drives the Purpose Of Church Life
Pink Pills and True Israel
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Season 1

Season Finale- Taste Test Challenge and World’s First Maybe Ping Pong Match
Bah Humbug
Other People’s Podcast – The Title Lawson Hates
Dogma, Doctrine, Discussion, and Dinosaurs
The Importance of Rest with a Special Guest
Wooden Nickels and Faithful Giving
Sunday School Busses and Missional Communities
Anniversary Episode: Crossing the Threshold
Bethel Music and Cigarette Vending Machines
Pulpit and Boxing Ring
The State of Chick-fil-a and Theology
Cheshire Cat and Droopy Dog Discuss Baptism
The Table of the Lord and Animatronic Bands
Worship on a Deserted Island
5 Points of BBQ and Flowers
Brewing with Blake
THE PILOT : Who do you think you are