Examination of a Shadow: Adoption

By: Lawson Harlow Photo by Guillaume de Germain

My favorite part of the Christian life is examining the shadows. Normally this means examining the scriptures, especially the Old Testament, and seeing the sweet outlines of Christ throughout each and every story. God has used these shadows in my life to grow me in my understanding of the gospel and my love for Jesus. […]

Learning in Absence

By: Lawson Harlow Photo by Sincerely Media

My life has been built around the Lord’s day for as long as I’ve been alive. It was and is the constant in my life. Monday through Saturday is subject to variation of change but Sundays were always astonishingly consistent. I have known the value of Lord’s day worship for as long as I’ve been […]

COVID-19 and Our Manner of Life

By: Lawson Harlow Photo by milan degraeve

Edit: As of March 14th we have cancelled service at the request of our governing authorities. We will communicate with our congregation concerning our meeting times in the following days. “May your reasonableness be made know to everyone, the Lord is at hand.” A Pastoral Request Due to the concern of COVID-19, I wanted to […]

A Woman’s High Calling

By: Nannette Johnston Photo by Henry Be

All ages of sisters in Christ will flow through the doors at Mercy Hill Church tonight.  It’s book club and we are looking forward to our time together.  We are a diverse group with many different ways that we spend our days and weeks but we all share one high calling: Christian woman.  Laughter and […]

Death and Its Hope

By: Lawson Harlow Photo by Dyu – Ha

I have had death look me in the face three times. The first was on a beach in the Bahamas as a ten-foot Lemon shark swam up to me with an open mouth (I am alive today only because my Dad was somehow able to throw me onto shore from a distance that, I am […]

Sola Fide

By: Lawson Harlow Photo by Harley-Davidson

Sola gratia goes hand in hand with Sola fide. These two doctrines are often combined with Solus Christus and Soli Deo Gloria in one sentence to articulate the formula for the protestant view of salvation. The phrase goes like this, “We are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone to the glory […]

Sola Gratia

By: Blake McCollough Photo by Maria Teneva

In the tradition of the reformation, followers of Christ for centuries have used the phrase “Sola Gratia” or “grace alone” to describe the salvation purchased by Christ for all who believe.  This belief is that salvation, from beginning to end, is based in the free gift of God’s grace to undeserving sinners. In the cross […]

Sola Scriptura

By: Lawson Harlow Photo by T Steele

What makes us protestant? Many people believe that the birth of the protestant reformation came from Martin Luther’s understanding of Sola Fide, the belief that salvation is by faith alone. While that is not wholly inaccurate it is, to some degree, placing the cart before the horse. To stick with the metaphor, the horse that […]