Photo by Nik MacMillan


Our values guide and direct our steps. In every Sunday morning service, every meeting of a missional community, and day by day life we strive to embody these values both as individual and as a local body of believers. 

Biblical Faithfulness

God is kind enough to reveal Himself in His Holy Word. We believe this should provoke His people to a deep faithfulness and love of the Bible. We strive to be faithful to God’s Word first and foremost. Everything we value flows from this foundation. We believe that God, through His Word, communicates all that is necessary to be saved and to live a godly life.

Faithful Labor

Christians are not hearers of the Word only but doers. God has placed many calls on the Christians life. He has called us to make disciples, care for the widows and orphans, and to be salt and light in our communities. We believe that when we are faithful to labor in God’s commands that God will be faithful to produce fruit from it.

Gospel Centrality

The Gospel is foundational to the Christian life, however it is not limited to just the foundation. In every area of the Christian’s life the gospel has implications. The Gospel impacts how we live as employees, employers, children, parents, and spouses. It impacts the way we serve our community and care for others. It defines the way we worship. We desire to keep the Gospel central because we believe that is where Christ has placed it.

Authentic Worship

Authenticity in Worship comes from a few different areas. First, the object of worship determines authenticity. There is much worship in our world. People bow the knee to so many things: career, family, money, sports, etc. God alone is worthy of worship and thus for worship to be authentic it must be in His direction. Secondly, we worship in Spirit and in Truth. We worship through the empowering of the Spirit of God and in the ways, we see prescribed in the Truth of God’s Word.

Loving Community

The Christian life was never intended to be lived alone. God has created community and fellowship to be innate within the church. We value loving community because through it believers are encouraged and our neighbors are reached with the Gospel of Christ.